Saturday, April 14, 2012

A look inside Ellen's sketchbook:

1. The day that Money Bunny Broke.

2. Drawing Spongebob with Ravi Carden.

3. Naked people and animals.

4. Josh Mulligan and I.

5. Me and Josh draw a murder. + bears with wings.

6. Meet Jollypen~o.

7. Me and Josh

8. Elephants sniffing things.

9. Clown scaring kid (this one is also a bronze sculture now).

10. Dolly and Money Bunny, dancing.

11. Goats, cats, hands and Russians (or British Royal Guards).

12. Fighting over pizza.

13. Thinker on a Toilet.

14. Tongue Creature.

15. The Birth of Venus.

16. Silliness.

17. Rabbit Creeps.

18. Old Guy Squishing a Mouse.

19. Mad Cat about to squish a mouse.

20. My Revolution Professor, Jeffrey Powell.

21. Stuff that I drew on my birthday.

22. A nun and a baby-faced killer.

23. An alien god.

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